Forges and Firenewts

So, I’m in what can only be described as an epic work week, which has ended up with me working 13 days in a row… today is day 6! In fact I managed to work almost a full “normal person” week in 2 days, managing a whopping 32 hours work!

This is why my updates have been… well… not there. I’ve been so busy I haven’t even managed to get some commission painting done. I’ve literally been too tired to do much of anything. I did however mange to get this nice Dwarven objective marker/scenery piece done.


I basically painted this in 10-20 spurts, doing a little bit here and there as I could manage. Pretty happy with it. The forge and the anvil can both be removed for just a standard scenic piece.

I still need to paint the dwarves to go with the piece. I also need to find the bellows that go with the forge and I’d like to add a little animal in the cave beneath the small tree. All that will probably have to wait until the commission is done though.

I have plans to make quite a few more scenic pieces as I go through my massive box of old minis.

I can now also reveal what I’ll be painting for the April Painting Challenge over on the Otherworld forums! It’s this guy!


Or, to be more precise, three of these guys, but I’ll only be keeping the one shown above, the other two are part of the commission. The base for this mini is complete, but as yet the newt is only undercoated. I’m sure if you all ask nicely I’ll add a How Not To Paint guide for him too!

Right, where’s my grindstone, I think I still have a little of my nose left!

The Duke…Out!


  1. Amazing anvil!

    And the rest of the diorama ain't bad, either...

  2. Ta mate! It came out pretty well in the end, it was pretty rubbish for a while!


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