Some Excuses and a Shameless Plug

So, I didn’t post yesterday, but I meant to. Unfortunately, work is quite demanding at the moment and most of my painting time is devoted to the commission.

On top of that we’re having a massive clearout here, which is constantly impeding on my ability to paint. Not only is tidying time consuming but all the dust has triggered my dust allergy, causing my eyes to become inflamed and itchy and I kinda need my eyes to be able to paint!

Finally, I spent most of yesterday nursing my computer back to life after it decided that 3 1/2 years was a long enough life. She’s back to life again now, but I still figured it’s time to buy a new machine just in case.

So, there you have it, many, many excuses for why my painting work is progressing very slowly. Oh, I almost forgot the shameless plug… Due to the clearout I have lots of stuff going up on ebay, I also have lots of stuff I’m simply giving away for free to people on various forums (keep watching the forums for more freebies). So why not check out the stuff I have for sale by clicking that conveniently located FOR SALE button in the sidebar.

I currently have some 2nd ed Blood Bowl and 40k minis going very cheaply, they end on Thursday so hurry. Going up today I have the now OOP Cleric and Wizard Spell Cards for 2nd ed, plus more stuff to come. So, why not help me buy my new computer, get cool minis and books, help clearout my house, rid it of dust and get me back to painting pretty miniatures!

Thanks guys…

The Duke

P.s. here are some pictures for those who haven’t seen them!