How Not To Paint: Otherworld Otyugh

So, I’ve got a lot of work on this week and no time to paint so this will be my only update until a week on Monday, so I thought I’d make it a good one.

P2040585As you can see here, this is a pretty big beastie. You’ll notice that the arms and legs both need a little filling with green stuff but that’s easy enough to do. I also primed the mouth white. P2040586Next I used Vallejo Violet Ink to wash the gums, teeth and the inside of the mouth and then let it dry. I then washed it again with Baal Red. These two washes are just intended to add some basic shading before I start properly. P2050587Next I added a thin layer of Royal Purple to the whole mouth, as you can see the washes from above are still visible through this layer. Then using Moldy Ochre I picked out the teeth, front and back all the way down to the gumline (that’s important for the next steps.)P2050588Using Bright Red and White I mixed up some pink and highlighted the inner mouth, gums and tongue. The inner mouth I concentrated solely on the ridges, the gums I picked out the tops and added some texture to the sides with lines. For the tongue I simply did dots. P2050589Adding more white I repeated the highlights and then I washed the teeth with Ogryn Flesh. P2050590Finally I highlighted the teeth, first with moldy Ochre and then with White. This was a simple a case of loading the brush with paint and dabbing it to the tooth, ensuring to be less heavy handed with the white. P2050591Next I painted the whole model with Stone Green and then I wet blended the arms to a nice brown finish using Chestnut Brown. This is a simple process because the arms are quite big it’s almost like mixing paint on your pallet. Then I left him to dry. P2050592Next I picked out the spikes in Battlefield Brown, the eyes in Khardic Flesh and the toes in Greatcoat Grey. Then I washed everything but the arms and teeth in Thornwood Green. The pods on the ends of the arms were washed in Ogryn Flesh. P2050593Next I picked out all the flesh in Stone Green again, really only leaving the deepest recess with the base coat showing through. I also highlighted the flesh around the spikes closest to the body using Stone Green. P2050594Adding some white to the Stone Green I added more highlights. I also picked out the two eyes on the stalk. (I skipped the top eye as I knew I’d still be handing the model a lot) The eyes were picked out in Pale Flesh, then White. The Eyelids were done with Khardic Flesh and then highlighted with Kardic Flesh and White before they were both washed with Ogryn Flesh. P2060596Next I used some watered down Thornwood Green to dirty the model. The trick was to not leave too many bush marks, this meant lots of water as I was just aiming for a stained effect. I then added Ogryn Flesh around all the lumps to represent poo clinging to the model. I also rubbed the wash into various patches of flesh particularly the legs, mouth and eye stalk. Adding a second layer of the wash or some Devlan mud deepened the effect. P2060597Next I mixed up some Stone Green, Chestnut Brown and White and highlighted the skin around the spikes. I also mixed up some Chestnut and White and highlighted the back of the pods on the ends of the arms. I picked out all the spikes using Moldy Ochre. The eyes were rehighlighted with White and the pupils enhanced. Also the lids were given a highlight of stone green. The eyeball on top was painted Pale Flesh, then White, a iris was added in Royal Blue with a highlight in Arctic Blue. A pupil was added in black, before the white was washed with Ogryn Flesh and rehighlighted. The spikes and the pods at the ends of the arms were also washed with Ogryn Flesh. P2060598The spikes were then all highlighted exactly like the teeth. P2060599Bloodtracker Brown was added to all the poo blobs. And then I did the toes. This was a simple job of painting lines of Greatcoat Grey and White, followed by smaller neater lines of white and then washing the top part of the toe with Badab Black. P2060601For the base I went with simply rock and procrete sculpted dung piles and tiny turds. P2060602And that’s the end result. P2060603I added Gloss Vanish to all the eyes and poo blobs to really make them stand out. P2060604It’s just a shame this was part of a commission and I have to give it back…

Well, I hoped you enjoyed that and I’ll be back in two weeks time with more…

Until then, have fun gaming!


  1. Already told you this on the Otherworld Miniature forums - but this is a wonderful painted miniature. Really like the way you did skin and mouth - and the eye ... wow .. they turned out fantastic. We need a challenge in March that will give me a chance painting mine. Think I need such an encouragement for painting another monster this big.

  2. Hey Duke,

    A couple newb questions for you. Do you have a preference for inks? Are some better than others?

    Also, I'd like to follow your recipe for my figure but I'm more able to get Reaper paints here in Canada. Do you use those and can you suggest any paint equivalents?

    Finally (sorry for all the questions lol), I need to find some sweet basing material for a bog style effect. Can you make any suggestions? I need stuff that won't fall apart with some handling.


  3. Hey,

    Inks are difficult to work with the first few times you use them, I still have bad days with inks, but they can be very effective. If you dont have them already buy the Games Workshop Washes they are well worth the money.

    As for Reaper Paints, I don't really know the range at all so I can't suggest equivalents but I can give you a generic colour for each colour used if that would help.

    White & Black - I'm guessing you have these :)
    Moldy Ochre - This is a duller yellow, a touch more brown and white than a standard yellow.
    Stone Green - This is a pale grey green, sort of looks like moss.
    Chestnut Brown - a Brown with a red/orange tint.
    Battlefield Brown - This is just a Dark Brown
    Khardic Flesh - A Pinkier Flesh Colour
    Greatcoat Grey - A Bluish Grey
    Thornwood Green - A Very Dark Grey-Green with a hint of brown.
    Arctic Blue - Pale whitish blue
    Royal Blue - A Strong Dark Blue
    Royal Purple - A Good Strong regal Purple
    Pale Flesh - An off-white colour towards the peachy side of the scale.
    Bloodtracker Brown - A Leather Brown

    All the Washes mentioned are the GW washes. All inks mention are Vallejo. Remember that my paint guides and colours are really only a suggestion.

    As I said over on the Otherworld forum practice with the inks, try and get some old models and try the inks out. Paint one white and see what inks do to it, you'll notice that if you use inks (not the GW Washes) that they will leave a glossy finish in the recesses that you will need to use a matt varnish (GW Sealant works well) to remove. I also recommend over highlighting when using inks as the ink will bring the highlights down when applied. Also you don't have to apply ink to the whole area, you can just use them like paint to paint the recesses.

    As for the boggy material perhaps you could use a brown flock and paint it with a gloss varnish. That will make it darker and it will make shine like it's wet. If it's a big base you could use greenstuff to make an uneven base with recesses and use a product like realistic water to make pools, but that is a) expensive and b) tricky

    Another alternative to try and find resin bases, it will most likely be cheaper if you don't intend to do a lot of bases in the same way than finding a basing product you wont use again.

    Sorry, I've said a lot here and probably not been overly helpful. Let me know how you get on, you can always email me at if you have more questions.


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