How Not To Paint: Myconids

As part of my latest commission I was sent a four pack of the Agarix models from Hasslefree, which are Myconids or Mushroom Men by any other name. Anyway, Cthulhu wanted a different paint job for each mushroom and so I present my very simple guide to creating entirely different Mushroom Men.


As you can see each one started out the same, although I did later repaint one of them Greatcoat Grey. The others were all painted White, they were then washed with a mix of Moldy Ochre and White that I had mixed up for something else, before being washed again with Gryphonne Sepia.


Next I mixed some Thornwood Green with some white and painted all the flesh leaving only the recesses showing through, this includes all the stuff under the cap.


I added a touch more white and highlighted all the raised areas with particular focus on the face and hands.


Next I pained the cap Fenris Grey and washed it with Asurmen Blue. I then added lines of Fenris Grey running outwards from the centre before washing it again with Asurmen Blue.  As a last step I added a dotted pattern using a mix of Royal Purple and White.

The final step was to wash the underneath of the cap, plus the ends of the limbs with Devlan Mud. This breaks up the flat colour nicely and adds a root-like earthy feeling to the model.


With this one I started with a coat of Pale Flesh and then highlighted using White. The cap was painted using Deep Red with lines added in  Khador Red Base, followed by Khador Red Highlight.


That was then washed with Baal Red. After it had dried I added large white spots. I also used Gryphonne Sepia to wash the underneath of the cap and ends of the limbs as I did on the previous model.


This one painted first with Sand, then a mix of Sand and White. The Cap was painted using Rust. The lines on the cap were added in Bloodtracker Brown and the dots were added in Sand and White. The cap, the underneath of the cap and the end of the limbs were washed with Gryphonne Sepia.


The final model was painted using a mix of Greatcoat Grey and White. Followed by the same mix with more white.


The cap was painted with Royal Purple and the lines added in with Royal Purple and White mix. Black Spots were then added before the cap was washed with Leviathan Purple.


All the flesh was then washed with Grephonne Sepia. The underneath of the cap and the limbs were washed with Devlan Mud.


Finally all the eyes were painted Black, a dot of white added to each and then given a coat of Gloss Varnish to make them standout. The toes on each foot were painted with Bloodtracker Brown. Then all the caps were given a light coat of Gloss Varnish to bring back some of the vibrancy they had lost due to the matt finish of the wash.



And that’s it. Four very simple, but very different paint jobs.



Each Myconid was based using my premixed earth which contains mainly Gale Force 9 earth mixed with various bits of other stuff. Then some Javis stones were added for flavour.

Hope you like… Until next time, have fun gaming!