February Painting Challenge

I am 100 posts old today! Here’s to the next 100!

With the commission and a lot of work I really didn’t have time to do more than one miniature for the February Painting Challenge over on the Otherworld forum.

But first, the backstory…

Somehow, Denethor, Grimdalf, Tiriel and Luke escaped the encounter with the goblins and the wolves, their lives barely intact. However, that encounter changed their destinies forever. Following clue after clue of a mysterious, shadowy presence, that dogged their every step, the band was led this way and that on adventure after adventure.

Things did not go well for them. As they sought to force an encounter with their ultimate adversary they were drawn into deadly combat. Tiriel was the first to go, she met her demise at the hands of a ferocious Owlbear that their nemesis had let loose on a local village.

Some years later Denethor too was killed as the group headed into the snow capped mountains, following a lead that promised to show them the way to their evil oppressor. The mighty warrior gave his life valiantly to delay the Titan that guarded the secret to the violent villain's lair.

Together, Luke and Grimdalf followed the map, their quest now a sacred mission of revenge. The trail lead them into a fiery mountain in the heart of a dense jungle. Together they fought off crazed cultists, huge cats with mystic powers and giant reanimated corpses. Down they delved into the heart of the dungeon where at last they believed they would finally confront their fearsome foe.

They battled long and hard against what they found there but the Tarrasque proved too powerful for young Luke and he too was slain. Only with the help of a powerful Wish Ring was Grimdalf finally able to put the beast to rest, only to learn the horrible truth, that this was not the beast he had sought.

Returning home, or to what had once been his home before the nefarious ne'er-do-well had burnt it to the ground, the little wizard followed the final clue. With unparalleled skill he dispatched the golems that guarded the inner sanctum and at last he was face to face with the beast that had caused him all the pain and heartache in his considerably long life... And upon seeing who it was Grimdalf could only muster two words... "It's You!?"


This is the Kobold Chief from Otherworld and he is a fun little model to paint. I decided that his cloak looked like it was made from leaves, hence the autumn colours. I also tried a little experiment with his armour trying to add highlights to the gold using silver. I also used a thin coat of gloss varnish to compensate for the matt finish of the washes on the armour.

Overall I’m very happy with him, although I have no idea when I’ll finish the rest of the tribe.