January Challenge: Level 1 Party Killer

But first a welcome to some new Followers. I think there have been 5 since I last did a welcome, so hello Alex, Ragna, Kam, Jagatai and Imredave. *waves* I hope you find something you like! And now, onto the Challenge…

So, hopefully, starting this year I’m going to try and run a monthly challenge on the Otherworld forum. I wanted to theme each challenge in a way that lots of people can participate, for example it could be “paint a Single Monster”, or “paint something from the Vermin Subrange”.

However, the first Challenge will be to paint something capable of taking down a first level party, whether it’s a single monster or a group is up to the individual painter. I however went with this…


That’s a Dire Wolf, four wolves and a four-man Goblin kill team. I then set to work painting up the Dire Wolf.


It’s a homage to the paintjobs on the same models done by Andrew Taylor and overall I’m very happy with how it turned out. As you can see below, everything else is prepped and ready…


Next on the list will be the other wolves and I’ll make sure to take lots of photos and post a How Not To Guide soon.

If this sounds like fun, why not get involved and get some of your Otherworld lead painted up too!


  1. Already told you at OW. These are fantastic. Very, very well done.

    And my a take the opportunity to thank you for take the lead starting the Painting Challenge. This should be good if we can get 4-8 people to join each month.

    Did my duty - but think you already have saw that.

    Also about to finishing the Skeletons. Think I deserves the right to get myself a OW voucher, now :-)

  2. I bought mine (Gold) but I will ration myself to £100 about every 4 months, meaning that I get a long time to paint everything up and followed by a nice big present and thus the cycle continues.

    It's a great way to invest in a fantastic company and it probably helped me limit my spending too.

    As for the Challenge, I've found over the last couple of years that if you don't start things yourself you have no one else to blame if they don't happen. If you try and fail, at least you tried. The recent Board Game Network I co-founded now has 15 members and 45 followers but they needed someone to lead the way to make that happen.

    Yeah I recon if everyone who has shown interest in the challenge gets involved it'll be a fun and motivating little project. The open ended categories should make it easy to participate and no one should feel pressured to paint lots which is off putting. Plus if you participate in every challenge this year you'll have a dozen miniatures or small groups painted up and ready for play and that seemed like a good thing to me.

    Can't wait to see the Skellies and I would definitely get a voucher if you can afford it!

    Thanks Clam and well done on the Rusties.


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