January Challenge Complete

So, this week marks the end of the first Otherworld Monthly Challenge and so I present my entries..

The Wolves


And the Goblin Kill Team


And… A party of Adventurers to kill…


And lets not forget that the proof is in the pudding, so here’s some shot of the Wolves doing what they were painted to do!


Hope you guys like. This week I received a package from the great white north… Canada, filled with all kinds of goodies for me to paint! So I’m going to be very busy painting up this commission but there are still plenty of mini’s included in it that I can bring out and do a How Not To post on, plus I’ll be working on my February Challenge too, although it’ll probably be smaller than this one.

Also, the Otherworld Voucher Scheme has been extended until the 5th February.

Until Next Week… Have fun gaming!