How Not To Paint: Descent Ogres

Monday seems to have come around really quickly. Anyway, it’s time for another monster from my How Not To Paint Descent Series. This time, Ogres.

One thing I will say about this model is that I wish it wasn’t so bent over. As models go it’s not too horrible, but looking at it from above as you would when you’re playing, he looks like he’s falling forward and it’s just not pleasing.

Most of the major issues with the models in Descent could easily be solves by removing the model from it’s base and repinning and positioning the model on a proper hard plastic bases/resin base, however, that just felt like too much effort.

Anyway enough complaining, on with the model. I started out with Black Primer as usual. To that I added Bloodtracker Brown to all the flesh and  Adeptus Battlegrey to all the armour. The padded armour about the neck along with the mouth were painted with Battlefield Brown and Chestnut Brown was used for the scabbard. Boltgun Metal was used for the Chain. PC110458Next I mixed up some trusty Moldy Ochre and Bloodtracker Brown mix and painted all the flesh. I also added the eyes teeth and claws in with Sand. PC110459Adding more Moldy Ochre to the mix I highlighted everything again. PC110460Finally I added a dash of white and did the very extreme highlights about the face and muscle edges. PC110461Next I added Dheneb Stone to the loin cloth and foot wrappings and then washed them and the chain with Devlan Mud. PC110462Using Blue Grey and very small brush strokes I added in the chain mail. This is reasonably easy to do as you can ignore the underliying texture somewhat as long as your brush strokes are very definitive. I also added Bloodtracker Brown to the padded leather about his neck. Using Shining Gold for the fastenings and Mithril Silver for the chain. PC120463The last major thing to do was the armour. This was simply Dark Grey and White mix, applied to most of the armour but leaving some recesses, with a lighter mix then added to the extremes and details.After I’ve sprayed the model I’ll add a coat of Gloss varnish here to pick out the armour a little more. PC120464Finally it was just a case of picking out details. I used Chestnut Brown and White to highlight the scabbard, adding some more white to do some extreme highlights. I used Moldy Ochre washed with Ogryn Flesh to do the hilt, using Sand to pick out the details after the wash dried. I highlighted the ball in the same way as the armour and then used a wash of Badab Black to finish it off. PC120465I used Astronomican Grey to pick out the hair and a mix of Mechrite Red and White to do the insides of the ears. Finally I based everything using the same stuff as before and used Pale Flesh to do the rim of the base. PC130466


PC130468Overall I’m very happy with the model. The paint job is nice and clean and it looks good without being overly taxing to do. As I said before the pose and the base could be better, (It was still that warped after doing the Hot Water into Cold Water thing) but generally it’s a pretty pleasing result.

I also got everything else painted to date based, including the 12 Heroes from Runebound that also appear in Descent and my spiders!

PC130469I don’t know how well that webbing will stand up to being sprayed with Purity Seal but for now it looks pretty good. One final tip here, prime your bases all the way to the edge, PVA glue (or super strength wood glue like I use) does not stick well to the bare plastic on these models so primer will definitely help here. I forgot and now I have nasty red patches showing through the basing.

The final How Not To Before Christmas will be Beastmen, so I’ll see you back here, same time next week!


  1. Hey Chris - another great paint job. I am surprised by how good the chain mail looks given that the texture was not great - not sure I have the dedication and steady hand to do the detail you have done to make it work :-)
    I have always used a gloss varnish and then a matt varnish to ensure solid protection - do you use multiple coats of purity seal, or does one work fine?

  2. Hey Sam. The chainmail didn't take too long but does require a steady hand. A lot of my paint work is to give the impression of detail, rather than painting the actual detail that might or might not be there.

    I really only use purity seal to seal the bases and stop them flaking off into the box, for most minis I don't bother. As for the Gloss Varnish, I use it to make the armour feel metallic, even though I haven't used metallic paints. I'm not using Metalics on these guys (except for small bits) because they feel like they should match the artwork on the cards and boards etc.

    Thanks for the compliments btw.


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