How Not To Paint: Descent Beastmen

Sorry this is a bit late, I did finish these on Thursday night, but since then I’ve been working and had no access to my Camera. Anyway, enough with the excuses, let me present the next model in the Series, Beastmen, the last post before Christmas, which was the deadline for finishing this set!

I started out with a coat of Black Primer, this was followed up with Bloodtracker Brown for the Flesh, Mechrite Red for the clothing and Dheneb Stone for the hair and beard. The eyes were picked out with Sand. The Hair and Beard were then washed with Yellow Ink (Vallejo) and the clothing was darkened using Burgundy. PC190470Next I washed the Beard and Hair with Ogryn Flesh, picked out the tongue with a Bright Red and White mix and the teeth with Pale Flesh. The Doll was base coated with Bloodtracker Brown. PC190471Next I mixed up some Tanned Flesh, Moldy Ochre and Bloodtracker Brown (25/25/50) and applied this to all the flesh, leaving only a little of the base coat in the deepest recesses. PC190472Adding White to the mix I highlighted all the muscles and the other raised areas. PC190473Finally I mixed up some Tanned Flesh, Moldy Ochre and Dheneb Stone and applied the final highlights. this time concentrating on painting just the edges. PC190474Using Dheneb Stone I picked out the hair and the beard again. I followed that up with the occasional White streak as a highlight. PC190475Next I picked out the leg wrappings and claws with Pale Flesh. PC190476Finally I set to work on the loin cloth. It has to be said, I hate painting red, which is probably how this ended up being orange. First I used Macharius Solar Orange to pick out all but the deepest recesses. Then I used Moldy Ochre to pick out all the edges. PC190477Boltgun Metal was then added to the fringe and finally highlighted with Mithril Silver. The Doll was painted with a mix of Bloodtracker Brown and White, followed by a highlight with even more white. PC190478Lastly the loin cloth was washed with Baal Red and the leg wrappings with Ogryn Flesh. The edge of the base was painted with Pale Flesh and then I’ll base them like the other models in the series. PC210479PC210480And that’s it. I’m going to continue to work on the Descent models over the coming months and at some point I will return with a How Not To on the Dragon and the Demon, but for now I’m going to focus on some other stuff. I’ll also be taking a small hiatus over the Christmas period, so that means I’ll be back in two weeks.

Until then, Merry Christmas everybody and I’ll see you all in the new year!

The Duke


  1. Hi Chris - I use to hate painting red as well, but I found using Foundry paints with their 3-stage sets made it a lot better.

    Have a merry Christmas.


  2. ooking great. Not impressed with the quality of the Descent miniatures, but once again you have proved what a great painting job can do to a miniature.

    Merry Christmas, Duke

    Looking forward seeing what 2011 will bring.

    Cheers Clam

  3. Thanks Clam. Sorry reply has taken so long, Christmas is a very time consuming process.

    Yeah the mini quality isn't the best, but that said I paid £54 for the game, which includes nearly 500 pieces, 80 of which are minis.

    I can easily make use of all the other tokens in D&D, as well as the floor tiles and doors, so now it's not only a great game but a great toolbox of bits and a real bargain. So I don't care that the mini's aren't that great.

    A quick bit of scouting online and I've found blank versions of the cards for Descent, which means I can now work on adding better quality minis to the game. I'm going to start with Goblins using Otherworld minis :) I'm looking forward to the new missile and wolf troops!

    You'll also be glad to hear I painted some real lead over the Christmas period, including 3 Otherworld minis. Just waiting on some nice Microarts bases to arrive, probably not til the end of the month.

    Again, thank for the compliment and I hope to continue to deliver quality in the new year.

  4. Wow! I painted up mine as morlocks (albino) but nowhere near nicely.

  5. Thank you Mike!

    I have lost a bit of enthusiasm for the project now that I'm past the deadline, so all the compliments help!



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