How Not To Paint Descent: Bane Spiders

Welcome to another post in my series on How Not To Paint Descent.

Ok, so the pictures look pretty bad at the end of this post but the model looks pretty good, It’s supposed to be viewed from above so these ground level shots are a bit “meh!” Anyway, on with the post.  PB220433So I started out with a layer of Adeptus Battlegrey and then Hormaguant Purple on the ends of the legs, and the front segment of the body. PB220434Mixing Dark Grey and White I then added highlights to the legs, making sure to leave the recesses between the segments and around the raised areas dark. I also drybrushed the hair on the spiders abdomen. I usually don’t drybrush but with 9 of these to do I wanted a quick result. PB220435Next I added more White to the mix and highlighted just the ends of the leg segments and any raised bits. Again I added some highlights to the drybrushed abdomen as well. PB220436Mixing Royal Purple with a lot of White I highlighted the face body and ends of the legs. Here I just wanted to add the most extreme highlights because the next stage would tone them down and add midtones. PB220437Now, taking undiluted Royal Purple I dragged the colour across all the purple areas. The paint is translucent enough to allow the highlights I just did to show through while providing a more pleasing finish. PB220438The final stage is to wash the body with Badab Black, add the fangs in white and the eyes in black (with a dash of white as a highlight.)PB220439(Looks much better from behind no?)

I plan to spruce these guys up with extra attention on the base. After I spray them to seal them I’ll probably add a layer of Gloss Varnish to the none furry parts to give them an extra shine and make them feel more insectoid.

Overall a quick and easy paint job that gives a nice enough result.


  1. Looks better from behind? Looks good from any angle. Enjoying the ongoing Descent series. Liked your earlier naga so much that I picked up one on Ebay.

  2. Thanks Finch. Although I'm miles behind on where I should be (by rights should be done by now). Although I've done 7 tutorials, I've not actually painted all the models of that type. I've got 1 giant, 1 naga, 7 skeletons, 5 razorwings and 7 bane spiders to paint, plus 13 heroes, 2 dragons, 2 demons, 3 manticores, 3 ogres and 9 beastmen... Plus about 40 Otherworld models that I REALLY want to paint!!!

    Having to work to earn money is such a pain! Wont someone just pay me to run my blogs... please!!!


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