This is an apology…

And this is a poorly photographed Gnoll…Tmp00003And this is an empty space where there should have been an explanation of how it went from bare metal to that finished product.Tmp00005However, after working what was effectively a 25 hour shift with only a 4 hour break, an additional 8 hours of travelling and only 4 hours sleep in the last 72, I went home and fell asleep. Tmp00001And yes, that was an excuse, but I hope a valid one. I hope to get the How Not Paint guide up tomorrow/Thursday, but until then I hope these pretty pictures will suffice.

Yours, The Duke


  1. Looks rather fine to me :)

    Sleep tight, and I look forward to see the step-by-step guide late on.

  2. Thanks Clam, shame I dont get to keep 'em. Unfortunately the 70 hour week I had to look forward to this week has become something very close to a 110 hour one so the chances of the step-by-step being up this week are slim.

    If I get a chance I will upload camera photos to laptop and try and do it over a lunch break at work or something, but no promises. Additionally, the lack of time I've had this week to do anything but sleep means I'll probably have no content for next Monday either... :(

  3. Yeah, don't you just hate when your professional (real) life is killing you hobby? - lol

    Sounds like a rough week. Hopefully you can have the weekend off - gathering some strength.

    Put your blog on my RSS - so I'll get a small notice when you again find the time for an update.

    Until then ;)



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