Descent Heroes – Part 1

Being true to my word, I’m not doing a how not to paint post on the heroes in Descent, for one thing that would take up 20 posts and I’d rather be doing other more informative articles.

However, I’ve been soooooo busy this week with 2 different commissions that I didn’t get chance to paint anything (well, I did so some Otherworld Goblins but that’s beside the point.) So as an apology, here are the first five of my painted Heroes. PA120363First up is Sir Valadir. With this guy I made good use of my Gloss Varnish on the armour, gives a good sheen and certainly saves on attempting NMM.  PA120364Runewitch Astarra is brought to life by the detailing on her staff. Easy enough to do with a steady hand and some pink paint.  PA120365My favourite part of Ronan of the Wild is Pico on his shoulder, getting the markings on the face right do a lot to bring this fellow to life.PA120366 Red Scorpion is definitely the worst sculpt in the box and nothing I could do would save her. Look how small her head is compared to her… thingies!PA120367Varikas the Dead is not far behind Red Scorpion in the Worst Sculpt states, although his lower half redeems him slightly. Adding skull like details to face with a brush are a necessity here, because they simply don't exist. Again I used the Gloss varnish on the armour and the blade to make them look metallic.

Well that’s about it for this week, all that remains is for me to welcome aboard my new follower Carsten Lambert, who I believe goes by the name Clam on the Otherworld forum. Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. Hopefully next week I will be doing a How Not To Paint post on the Otherworld Gnolls I’m doing for a commission!