How Not To Paint: Descent Sorcerers

Welcome to part 3 of my series on how I painted all that plastic in the Descent box. But first a warm welcome to two new followers, Dr. Willett’s Workshop and Sam. Thanks for coming aboard, all comments and questions are welcome.

Right, onwards… First I blocked out all the colours, unfortunately that picture didn’t come out, so here is the next stage…

1 Flesh Firstly I did the eye in white, with no pupils. The flesh was done with Calthan Brown, the robes in Mechrite Red, the cloak in Mordian Blue, the beard in Astronomican Grey, the boots in Charadon Granite and the staff in Adeptus Battlegrey. I then added a second base coat to the flesh using Tanned Flesh.

Just a quick note, some of the paints I mention are made by Miniature Paints (part of Ral Partha Europe) however, as far as I can tell they have stopped making paints and certain colours are now becoming difficult to find… sorry about that.2 Flesh Highlight   Next I mixed up a batch of Tanned Flesh and White and set about highlighting the flesh. Note how I added forehead ridges by just leaving the basecoat showing through. I added some more white to the mix and did the highlights again.  3 Beard and Belt Next I added White to the beard and painted the belt and trousers. These were done with Battlefield Brown, followed by Bloodtracker Brown, followed by Bloodtracker Brown mixed with what was left of the flesh highlight. 4 Red Midtone I then painted the tops of the folds in the robes with a mix of Mechrite Red, Bright Red and Orange.5 Red Highlight I then added a bucket load more Orange to the mix and highlighted everything. 6 Blue Mid Tone Next I added a drop of White to some Cygnar Blue and painted all the folds in the cloak. With that done I added even more white, but this time I concentrated on just adding thin strokes to the very edges of the cloak.  7 Blue Highlight As you can see in these photos, trimming the flash on these models was a bitch!8 Actual Cloak And, now we’re onto the finishing touches. Firstly I added a pair of Burgundy triangles under his eyes, and a pair of Burgundy lines across his forehead. 9 Finishing Touches I also painted the skull with Sand, followed by a highlight of Pale Flesh. The Staff simply got a highlight of Astronomican Grey. The final stage is to wash the robes, skull, belt and trousers with Gryphonne Sepia and leave to dry. 10 Finito And that’s what I’m left with. This model has a lot of room for customisation, for example runes could be painted on the robes or cloaks, the cloaks and robes could easily be varied in colour. For my purposes it doesn’t seem worth it, but it is a good way to individualise each model. The only thing left to do is the base, which I’ll do when I put the finishing touches to the last three.

Note, I didn’t highlight the the boots in any way. This is something I often do, partly because it can be difficult to get in there, but mostly because you end up concealing the work behind the basing materials anyway. 

Well, that's about it for this week, join me again next week for more from my growing collection.