How Not To Paint: Descent Hellhounds

So, for Christmas I decided to pick up the big box game of 2005, Descent: Journey’s in the Dark. However, because my little brother likes to have all the mini’s painted when we play games I am aiming to get all 80 minis painted before wrapping it up.

With that in mind I plan to do a How Not To Paint post for each of the monsters in the box. I won’t be doing a guide for the heroes because, frankly, the sculpts aren’t that great.

So, to start I undercoated the model with Black Primer. (Side note: from now on when I mention a colour there should be a hyperlink to a place you can buy it. It should also be noted that I name colours for completeness, if you want to follow these guides feel free to read the names as Dark Brown, Light Green etc)

I then did a base coat of Calthan Brown and then I did the eyes, teeth, claws, mane and tail tip in Tausept OchreP9020240 With that done I set to work on painting the fur. Again, this was done using Tausept Ochre. The lines follow those on the model. I don’t like the effect drybrushing gives so I do things this way. I’m not overly neat here because the next few steps will relegate this work to the background. P9020241Next I took some Golden Yellow, wiped my brush on my pallet until there was almost nothing left, then dragged the brush over the top side of the model. I then did the same with some Khaki on the lower portions. This step stops the definition in the fur being too obvious and unnatural. P9020242(sort of…)

With that done I ran a wash of Gryphonne Sepia over the whole model. Leaving it to dry I did something else for a while. Then I picked out the eyes, teeth and claws in Pale Flesh.     P9020243Next I added the final set of highlights to the fur using Sand. These highlights were added only to the portions of the model that had been brushed with yellow earlier. They were also used to pick out the mouth and the eyes. P9020244As you can see, I also added Golden Yellow to the mane and the tail. I then washed all the none mane/tail areas with Gryphonne Sepia again.  P9020245The final stage was to add Pale Flesh to the tips of the tail and mane. Paint the nose black and add some Adeptus Battlegrey follow by Astronomican Grey to the inside of the ears. Finally I added Yellow Ink (vallejo) to the mane, tail and eyes.

Then paint the edge of the base in Pale Flesh/Burgundy depending on the monsters level and then base to taste.P9020246I went with a layer of Gale Force Nine Earth, a scattering of stones from GF9 and Javis and some small patches of Spring Undergrowth from GF9.P9030247And, as you can see, they look pretty good. I will spray them with some sealant before putting them back in the box to stop the basing coming off and making a mess! P9030248 Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this instalment, I shall endeavour to bring you more as I do them.

But until next time, have fun gaming!