Unmasking the Avengers!

As I promised last time, I’m going to make an extra special effort to welcome new followers. This week we welcome Doctor Warlock to the blog. The good Doctor is a big Dr. Who fan (we can’t all be perfect) but is clearly a Superhero and self confessed 1st ed D&D fan.

Hopefully he’ll find plenty of interest here as one of my favourite companies is Otherworld miniatures, the finest producer of 1st ed style D&D minis on the web.

In other news I think I’ve decided on the Avengers line up. They are as follows:

Captain America – Grant from Hasslefree


I will add a shield and mask to model but leave everything else as is.

Iron Man/Tony Stark – Nuclear Jones/Gentleman from Pulp City


Gentleman will become Tony Stark, the robot head under his foot has been painted to look like Iron Man’s helmet

Thor – Joe from Hasslefree

image Joe will have his Mohawk removed and hair extensions added, while his bat will be replaced with a hammer.

Hulk – Mutant Joe from Hasslefree

image Joining the team for a second time, Joe will have a hair resculpt and join in as the Green Machine.

Antman – Captain Hadron from Pulp City

image Hopefully Hadron will eventually feature a Giant version too.

Finally Nick Fury, Black Widow and Janet Pymimage

Although in this case my mind could still be swayed, so I’ll keep an on what Pulp City has to offer. Other models will also join the line up including Wasp’s small form (possibly Hawkeye and Vision) and obviously Bruce Banner. After that the Avengers will be free to recruit any Marvel Superhero the players can convince to join.

Right then, that’s about it for this update. See you next week.