Commission II: The Sequel

I’ve been rather busy this week, not only keeping up with all the developments at Gen-Con and all the new board games coming out from Fantasy Flight based on the Warhammer and Lord of the Rings IP, but with the commission. It’s been just over three months and I’ve now finished 45 of the 47 models.

I did intend to do a How Not To post on the model I painted tonight, but I totally forgot until I was halfway through. So instead I’m going to present some of my favourites from the commission.










This is just a sample of the characters and creatures from the commission, there are plenty more shots on Photobucket, but what I am very proud of here is just how much variety there is. Each of the paint jobs is unique and different and personal to the model. Each of the Meazels for example is a slightly different shade of green, the Rust Monsters are slightly different shades, the Blink Dogs have different skin tones and patch colours.

For me this is very important. I could use colours straight from the pots and produce near identical results every time, but what I try to do is to produce something “real”. That is why I don’t production line models, why I don’t mix up colours and keep them in pots.

To me models are not united as a group purely through colour, but rather through through style and feel. So I guess my point is that by treating each model as an individual, rather than as part of group, I achieve what I set out to and that is a group with charisma, a group of individuals.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ramblings, enjoy the pretty pictures. I’ll try and post next week as scheduled, but I may not have internet access, if not I’ll see you all in three weeks!

The Duke