More From Otherworld

This week has been rather Otherworldly… I received my big order, along with a couple of extra goodies (have I mentioned how good the customer service is with OW?) so now I have a whole Gnoll Tribe, Goblin Tribe and Kobold Tribe to paint up, plus I got me one of these…

P7100049.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

Yup, that’s a Gelatinous cube, possibly one of the most iconic monsters from my childhood! Every dungeon had to have at least one and now I have my very own.

I also made a start on the Goblins. Scuplted by John Pickford, these were minis I never really meant to pick up, but I’m glad I did. They are certainly very characterful and very sturdy for such small models.



I will try and do a How Not To Paint post on them next week, but I make no promises because I’m still working on the commission, speaking of which… I did this this week too!

BoneDevilSide.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

He is a converted version of the Otherworld Bone Devil, not a model that I ever intend to own but certainly an interesting one to give life to.

Right then that’s about it for another week. Keep an eye out for more Step by Step guides for the Goblins, Kobolds and Gnolls in the coming months. I hope to get the Goblins done before the party take them on in the Sunless Citadel so I’ll be doing those first.

Until next week…. Keep on Gaming!