How Not To Paint: Otherworld Goblins

I was born in 1984, I started gaming in the year 2000, all my life, Goblins have been green and no one shall convince me otherwise. So, what follows is a step by step guide to greenskins in all their gobliny glory!

1 base coat So I started with a basecoat. The shirt and boot tops were Calthan Brown, the other browns were Chocolate Brown. The skin was Orkhide Shade and the pants were Royal Blue. The eyes and teeth were done with Sand. Next I dropped the model head first into a pot of black primer, although I recommend skipping that step…2 face With the black cleaned off I then added a coat of Knarloc Green to the face and arms, this was followed by Snotling Green. 3 face highlight The highlight was applied to only the edges of the face and raised areas. This was then all washed with Thrakka Green. 4 Khaki shirt Next I added Tausept Ochre to the shirt and boot tops, leaving some of the undercoat in the creases. I then added a layer of Sand to the top of the folds in the material. 5 sandWith that done I set to work on the pants, Here I added a highlight of Arctic Blue, followed by a mix of Arctic Blue and White to just the knees to give them a little more definition. 6 pants Washes were then added. Asurmen Blue to the pants and Ogryn flesh to the recesses of the shirt and boot tops.7 wash Next I set to work on the details. I added Tausept Ochre to the boots and the grip of the dagger on his back. Then I added Khemri Brown to edges of the belts, the soles of the shoes and the wood grain of the spear haft. Finally I added a coat of Boltgun Metal to the toe caps, spear tip and helmet. 8 wood A further highlight with Deneb Stone was added to the haft and then a wash of Ogryn Flesh was added to the spear, boots and helmet. 9 MetalAll of the metal was then highlighted with Chainmail. I only highlighted the edges so that the metal retained a natural shading from the wash. Finally base to taste. I used a coat of Gafe Force 9 Earth, followed by Summer Mix static grass from Javis, Spring Undergrowth Clumps from GF9, GF9 Clump Foliage and then a couple of small stones from Javis. Front And there you have it, one goblin ready to defend his home from pesky adventurers. Back Overall I’m pretty happy with him, the silver bits work from a distance, although they are a bit shaky close up. As I do the remaining ten members of the tribe I will vary the skin tones, woodblends and possibly even armour colour, although I will probably use the Blue and Yellow scheme to tie the group together.

Well, that’s about it for another week, until next time…

Have Fun Gaming!

The Duke


  1. Sorry Dude, AD&D goblins aren't green, check your MM. Neener, neener, neeeeener :)

  2. My edition does... Someone wrote it in with a sharpie!


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