Avengers Assemble

This week I started work on some new ideas for my Superhero RPG. For the last two years I’ve been trying to cobble something together from various rules sets and by the time you’ve accounted for every super power the character is unplayable because of the sheer amount of statistics.

When I started looking at Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, I loved how the same simple mechanic could be applied universally and it made me think that with the right amount of adaptation the system could be used to apply to Superheroes as well.

Then, while listening to the D6Generation, I heard about a system quite similar to the WFRP system, called the Cortex System and finally I have a rules light, story heavy system that can support Superhero Characters with dozens of powers, without all that number crunching.

So now all that remains is to get my Superhero team assembled. I’m using S.H.I.E.L.D as a base, not only because it is the most famous team of Supers, which most Superheroes have been a part of at some time or other, but also because it has a very current popularity!

With that in mind then I am looking to build the iconic Avengers line up, starting with Iron Man.


This is Nuclear Jones from Pulp City miniatures and he certainly makes a good Iron Man substitute. Mutant Joe from Hasslefree will join him shortly, minus the Mohawk obviously, as the Hulk. I’m  considering adding an Otherworld Frost Giant as Thor, although I might go down the Ultimate Avengers route have a leather clad hippy instead.

Fury and Black Widow are easily added, I’m thinking Kitty from Hasslefree for Black Widow. Hank Pym (and Giant Man) may prove more difficult. Janet/Wasp should also be easy, which really only leaves me with Captain America causing me problems. I wanted to use a dynamically posed Soldier of some variety and possibly convert the head and add a shield, but I can’t find anything I like. Obviously the Cap is such an iconic figure I want to get him just right. He has to be 28mm and in pewter… Any ideas?

I’ll post sporadic updates as the team comes together and once I actually manage to get the RPG off the ground I’ll let you know how it goes…




  1. Great stuff (in other words 'I like').

    Glad to see you posting at the Forum as well.


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