How Not To Paint: Games Workshop Ungors

I recently picked up Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition. The game includes a number of stand up cardboard tokens, but not enough to run full campaigns. As I had some spare Ungor’s lying around from decades ago I decided to have a go at paining them.

They are really only painted to a tabletop level because I’m not sure how much use they will see. I also painted them in a production line, which I rarely do.

Anyway… onto the model…

P6250011 I started out with an undercoat of Leather Brown, Chocolate Brown fur and Black accessories. P6250012 Next I painted in the eyes and teeth and added a coat of Khemri Brown to all the flesh before washing everything over with Ogryn Flesh. P6250013 I then picked out the teeth again in Sand and redid all the flesh with mix of Khemri Brown and Sand. P6250014  Next I added Leather Brown and Sand mix to all the fur by painting small straight lines. The whole model was then was then washed again with Ogryn Flesh, including the eyes and teeth.P6250015I added Dark Grey highlights to the hooves. Tausept Ochre to the horns and twine. Chocolate brown was added to the spear shaft and boltgun metal to the tip. The loincloth was painted in burgundy.  P6250016The shrunken head was painted with Leather Brown, followed by Tanned Flesh, then Tanned Flesh and White mix. The teeth were picked out with Sand and the eye with white, the hair was done by painting thin straight lines of Blue Grey. P6250017Next the loincloth was painted with Bright Red, followed by Orange and then washed with Baal Red. The Horns and the Spear were highlighted with Sand, washed with Ogryn Flesh and then highlighted again. The spear had some texture applied with Leather Brown and Sand mix and was washed with more Ogryn Flesh to tone it done. The Spear tip was also washed with Ogryn Flesh and then highlighted with Chainmail.

You will also notice I added Procrete to the gaps in the slotta base to help with basing later. P6250018 And that is that. Next I set to work on the shield, I pained a basic wood grain pattern on both sides in the same colours as the spear and applied a wash. P6260019 I then added a blob of procrete to the front of the shield and poked it and prodded it with tool for about 30 seconds until it looked like a torn cloth covering, with the wood grain showing through the tears.

I painted the red in the same way as the loincloth and the underside with Leather Brown, followed by Sand, followed by White and, you guessed it, a wash of Ogryn Flesh. I glued the shield in place and I was done. P6260020The basing consists of Gale Force 9 dirt, stones and clump foliage to give a Forest feel.  P6260021 The finished result is a model good enough for table top use that actually looks pretty good even close up. P6260022 The whole thing took about an hour, which is pretty quick and I’m happy with the results. At some point I intend to dig through my old lead pile and find some more models for WFRP 3, so keep your eye’s peeled for more Classic GW lead.

The Duke