Hey, Where’d You Get That Fruit – Part 2

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And Now

With no way of knowing what was going on with the Goblins, Lynx set about tracking their movements back to the local village of Oakhurst, determined to track down their lair.

The party expected to find devastation in the peaceful little village but instead they found not one thing out of place. As it turns out the Goblins were traders. Every year they would bring a single piece of fruit to the Mayor of Oakhurst, which would stave off his life-threatening illness for another year.

Every year the villagers would plant the seeds from the magical fruit in the hopes of cultivating their own stock, but every year after the sapplings developed they would mysteriously vanish. The villagers suspected that the goblins came in the night and stole the sapplings to keep the price of the fruit high.

Hoping to further his pursuit and destruction of the goblins, Lynx and the others retired to the Old Boar Inn. It doesn’t take much investigation to discover that the Goblins are holed up in an underground fortress known as the Sunless Citadel. During the natural process of the investigation the heroes are approached by Kerowyn Hucrele, a wealthy gent willing to pay greatly for information regarding his son and daughter.

It seems the brother and sister team went up to the citadel with the intent of driving the goblins out but they have not been seen since. The party agrees to the finders fee, after all the siblings seem to have similar sentiments to their own and rescuing them is hardly out of the way.

So the party set off and before nightfall they arrive at the entrance to the citadel. A winding stair that leads into a chasm and down to the citadel itself… 

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