The Four Stage Talisman Test

Ok, so my new Games Workshop paints arrived today. Now I’ve always been a staunch supporter of GW on this blog… Ok that’s not entirely true… But… despite the price… I think Games Workshop finally did something right.

What follows is the four stage test of the new foundation paints and washes which I decided to test on my own Talisman minis before throwing them at the commission.

I started with a black undercoat (for those who are counting that’s step zero :P) Then using only the foundation paints (the precise colours escape me) I undercoated the model. The paints did exactly what they say on the tin, they cover in a single coat, even the yellow. I was pretty impressed. P5100001Next I ran some washes over the top. To be honest they don't do what I thought they might, I might skip this step next time and jump straight to the highlight stage. P5100002So I added highlights using my usual Game Craft paints. Although I did the patterning with the foundation paints to avoid needing to do several coats. P5100003Finally I returned to the washes. This time they worked perfectly. I added some flesh wash to where the robes met the body as well as to the hair. I added the blue wash all over the robes. Prophetess If I wanted to I think I could have spent more time  rehighlighting and washing, but the quality of mini, the fact that this was a test and the fact that it’s only a piece for a board game made me decide to keep this paint job simple. In total she took about an hour and like I said she could be done in three stages.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the paints, even if I’m not that happy with the price point. Games Workshop are on to a winner with these, especially for someone who needs to quickly paint an army with minimal effort.