Commission II: The Sequel!

So, those who waded through that rather boring birthday post I did will know that I’ve just received the models for a second commission. 48 of them to be precise, because there are so many I’ll be working on them for a couple of months so you can expect to see some pop up here from time to time.

That said I’m going to try and treat this commission like an actual job and do 4-6 hours of painting a day, so I’m hoping to get enough done during the day that I can do some of my own stuff at night, but I will also try and bring you some how to paint guides using some of the models from the commission.

However, with all this extra cash I thought I’d expand my hobbying materials. At the moment I just use paints and inks, but I know there is a wealth of other exciting bits out there. So I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on Games Workshops Washes and Foundation Paints? If you like them or hate them please comment below and advise me. Also if you have any other ideas on tools, paints or other products I should check out please let me know.

Ok, so that’s the news and the request, so now for the pretty…

Here is General Minimus, I painted him about 2 months ago and I was pretty happy with how he turned out.

So there we go, the first post of a new year… I’ll try and find time to do something proper next week… Until then

Keep on Gaming

The Duke