Tomorrow We Go To War…

Once again the Army of Blood Duke marches forth from the Keep in the heart of Mousillon ready to smash up some stunties in yet another grudge match. Without a single loss to their name in three years can the Army of the Blood Duke be beaten?

I wont be giving any clue as to the forces I’ll be using because I know my opponent reads this blog. But considering this is a 3000 point game I haven’t really concentrated on big blocks of troops. The fact that my new Grave Guard unit is still under construction and my new Black Knights are still in pieces means that those two units will be sorely missed.

I had to take zombies though… I needed the core choice. Stupid Zombies… A new character will take to the field this time as well as some dustier units… All in all it promises to be an interesting match and quite possibly the first loss in three years. Check back soon for the result!