Cthulhu’s 36 Model Challenge: Part 5

As the dusty old Rogue faces down the three juvenile bugs he has no idea that his companions are planning to betray him and he certainly has no idea that they are an assassin and a doppelganger.

P2080047Ok… let’s break it down… Rogue

The Rogue, I can barely bring myself to look at this… If the challenge had a failure this would be it! I gave up on it half way through and it took me two months to find the energy to finish it… I hope his mates do stab him in the back so I don't have to look at his ugly face no more!Assassin

The assassin actually came out a lot better than I thought he would. The cloak is a really nice fade from deep red to purple, with a dusty hem. The skin tone give him an Arabian feel and make him look like he means business. Baby Giant Slug

The Giant Slug baby took quite a lot of time with highlights, washes and inks but it got there in the end and I’m pretty happy with the result. Baby Purple Worm

Conversely the Purple Worm baby took no time at all (45 minutes) but it gives the desired effect.  Doppelganger

This picture really tells you very little about how this model actually looks. Possibly one of the most challenging ones that Cthulhu sent me. I added a little flesh tone to the hands and feet to give the impression that he was either just changing back or changing to human. Giant Beetle Larva

This Giant Beetle Lava was a lot of fun and really easy to paint. Since this photo was taken the mandibles and claws have been darkened a little but other than that everything has remained the same. It’s a great little piece and is included in a three part set from Heresy with the other two grubs above.

Next week will see the dramatic conclusion of the challenge with a massive monster showdown!