Cthulhu’s 36 Model Challenge: The Finale

And so it comes down to this… The plucky thief finds himself lost and alone… Well not quite as alone as he would like actually… In a climatic monster showdown he goes down fighting… But he definitely goes down!P2080046 Lets take a look at each of his opponents.

DSC00621First up the grinning Otyugh. This was a daunting model but I really like how it turned out and the flecks of poo were fun to paint!


The Yuan-Ti, a terrible sculpt that caused me no end of frustration.  P1110001The Intellect Devourer. This is one of my favourite monster concepts and I love how he turned out. The inks make the grey matter glisten is a delectably disgusting way!P1160001Six hours it took me to get this guy right but I was pretty pleased with how he turned out. The arms and claws gave me a chance to play with the idea of doing shell like textures. The only problem is that the amount of ink on this model left him rather sticky.  P2050040

And finally the Rust Monster, nowhere near as good as the new Otherworld ones sculpted by John Pickford but this model was a lot of fun to paint. When I get my OW ones however I think I’ll give them a darker selection of rusty colours.

And now the doomed adventurer…

P1020001Not my best paint job admittedly but he looks ok… Good enough to be torn limb from limb anyway…

So that’s it… Join me next time for some brand new stuff including so previews from my Workbench.