Cthulhu’s 36 Model Challenge: Part 3

And so we come to the third part of the 36 model challenge as our plucky, hard bitten Ranger-King finds himself alone, defending the last bridge against the Beholder and its foul band of mutant beasts.


Lets take a look at each one individually… P1140003.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

He could easily pass as Ranger or a Thief, a Rogue or even a Druid. I personally based the colour scheme on the greatest ranger of all time… Aragorn, son of Arathorn… Although the pic doesn’t do him justice, this model looks really nice in real life.

P1130001.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

This was a fun little guy to paint and him and boarman buddies really made me think of a certain Tv show from my childhood!

P1080001.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

Of the two boarmen, this one was my favourite. It turned out really well and was quite easy to paint. for some reason he appears to have bear ears though… weird!

P1060004.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep


Since this photo was taken the eyes were inked black which gives him a really creepy appearance. Not a terribly good model but it worked out ok. The colour scheme on the main body is a homage to the way my Dad painted his old Beastman. (He was the long necked one on this page)

PC160001.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

I was really bummed out by how badly this turned out. Since this picture was taken the metal work on the shield has been re-done.

P2050030.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

Finally, the Boss… I really doubted in a model that looked like this grenadier model could ever represent one of the most frightening monsters in the Dungeon Master’s repertoire, but as it turns out, I’m really pleased with it. You can’t tell from this pic but the eye looks really quite good. I based it on the front cover of Dungeonscape.

P2050034.jpg picture by Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep

So another week done and only three more to go… See you again next time for part 4…