Session One: Hey! Where’d You Get that Fruit?

The first session of the Sunless Citadel was trial game to get the player used to the new system. First, let’s meet the cast:


The Half-Elf leader of the gang Zelma is a swashbuckler, fighting with a rapier or longbow she is equally competent and deadly. 


The Dwarf Sorcerer is a taciturn fellow. He grew up in giant country where his name literally translates as Hairy Rock. Loden is a loner, relying on Mo’gar his cat familiar for company. He joined the party after Zelma saved his life and she is the only one he trusts.


The Human Cleric is the son of a noble. However the life his father expects him to lead is not the one he would choose for himself. Relishing the challenge of sneaking Butan out of his homeland Zelma offers the young cleric the chance to sign on with her merry band. Loden however is less than pleased with the clumsy new addition to the team.

The Story Begins

After escaping Butan’s homeland the small company is travelling through a small wood towards the town of Oakhurst when they are set upon by goblins. The creatures easily get the drop on the party, unleashing a volley of javelins and then closing for combat.

Reacting first Loden the Sorcerer unleashes a bolt of magic energy, while Butan and Zelma brace against the goblin’s charge. Then, as if from nowhere, arrows zip and ping, slicing deep into the Goblin’s flesh as a newcomer joins the fray…

Enter Lynx

Lynx, the blonde haired, blue eyed Ranger was raised in the wild, his parents killed by goblins, his whole adult life has been driven by thoughts of revenge. Now he hunts goblins wherever he can find them. He had been tracking this particular band for two weeks hoping to locate the clan.

After Lynx joins the battle the Heroes make short work of the goblins, with Loden using up yet another precious magic missile to deal the final blow.

The Ranger quickly locates some old tracks that lead the party to a small cave. Cautiously they explore the seemingly empty shelter until Zelma notices the hole in the wall and Lynx discovers the pressure pad in the floor. Pulling a small wooden lever in the wall blocks the hole, but for some reason Butan is not satisfied with that. The daft Cleric insist that he stands on the pressure pad while someone lifts the lever and opens the hole.

Stupid Butan gets speared through the chest by a javelin and knocked unconscious!

Lynx stabilises him, while Zelma discovers the secret latch that causes the back wall of the cave to swing open. Inside are a couple of boxes and section of earth with three dead-looking saplings growing there. While Loden loots the goblin’s stores Zelma can’t help shake the feeling that she is being watched.

Staring intently at the saplings she could swear she saw one of them blink… Wait it did it again. She barely has time to call out to the others before the Twig Blights are upon her.

The party made short work of the odd creatures, using their limbs to create a stretcher to carry Butan to Oakhurst. But the battle left many questions on their minds. What were those creatures? Why were the goblins tending them? Where were the Goblins headed?

All that and more will be answered in the next instalment of the Sunless Citadel.

*Pictures to Follow*