Cthulhu’s 36 Model Challenge: Part 1

Ok, a while back a friend of mine on the Otherworld forum asked me if I wouldn’t mind painting up a few of his old minis, in return for a camera with which to take better pics for this blog… As you can see I now have the camera, so it’s about time I shared some pictures of the miniatures from the challenge.

And what a Challenge it’s been! As I write I’m looking at the last batch and thinking about colour schemes and by the time I finish Part 6 of this series Cthulhu should have his mini’s back on Canadian soil.

So lets look at the first 6 models…

P1180019 The Prosperous Thief faces down the Bugman and his vile giant centipedes all alone. Will he make it out alive?

Lets take a closer look at each model.

user posted image 

Very few models could pull this colour scheme off, but I really think he does…

user posted image

The Chaos Lord is old Games Workshop and I really enjoyed painting this guy. While I was painting him I couldn’t help feel that he should be some kind of mutant Umber Hulk crossbreed. The slime-like filth dripping from his robes is particularly satisfying…

Finally, the Otherworld Giant Centipedes. I have four of my own that need painting too…

user posted image

This is the colour scheme I had planned for mine.

user posted image

These colours were picked out by Cthulhu himself.

user posted image

This is possibly my favourite one.

user posted image

And this one took much longer than it should.

Overall I was very happy with all 6 of these guys and I really enjoyed the chance to use my inks for that insectoid shine that always feels out of place on other models.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-showcase, check back next week for another batch.

*p.s. Camera had not arrived when I took some of these pictures.*