Coming Soon…

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d take some time to talk about what plans I have for the hobby blog in the new year.

Firstly there will be updates on Cthulhu’s 36 Model Challenge. I have a ton of new models from Hasslefree in the post, including my first Grymn. I have a lot of dungeon vermin, including centipedes, ticks and beetles from Otherworld, as well as a very beautiful Owlbear, Hook Horror, Troglodyte Warband and a couple of other things.

However my major projects in the new year, other than working on my wargames scenery projects I started last month, will be three new units for the Army of the Red Duke.

The first of these three will be an elite group of 36 Grave Guard. With the whole army being bretonnian themed, they will be knights on foot, with pack bearers and squires to assist them. I will probably make the Knights themselves undead, with the servants being enslaved humans. There are other of examples of living troops in the army, my ghoul units are Plague Ridden Peasantry, so it wont feel out of place.

The second unit will be a new set of Black Knights, with these I’m hoping to create a group of rather grim humans, rather than skeletal warriors, elite bretonnian’s that turned darkside and signed on with the Red Duke, gaining in power in exchange for their souls.

The final unit I will be adding to the army will be my Black Coach conversion, which I’ve been meaning to do for a year. The coach is being pulled by six, hopefully winging, Direwolves and inhabited by a Vampire called Mad Uncle Jack.

And if that isn’t enough, two more lady vampires will be joining the army to swell the ranks and add a bit more bite to those weaker units.

Next Week, hopefully, I will be previewing a little something I’ve been working on for my little brother for Christmas.