How Not To Make: Bushes Part 3

So here is the finished product, with a little help with scale from Ghan-Buri-Ghan.


I highlighted the dark flock with a layer of Javis No 19 (I think it might be called spring meadow) and clumps of static grass. I added smaller clumps of reindeer moss to the bushes to fill them out a bit more and to stop them looking too square… Oh and I painted the snail…


You might just be able to make him out in this pic. For a prototype I think these turned out ok. I learnt quite a lot, I think, for when I attempt to make a hedgerow. Smaller, less regular pieces of foam, extensive use of reindeer moss. I think I’ll buy some new moss too, with plenty of “fluffy” bits on it, mine’s quite “stalky”. So, until next time, I hope this has been an informative guide and that you learn from my mistakes.