How Not to Make: Bushes Part 2

Ok, so after the whole thing had dried it was time to undercoat it.


I learnt my lesson from last week and gave the base a coat of brown/black paint to prevent white hiding in crevasses under rocks, although they will be filled with static grass later so it doesn’t matter too much. Next I highlighted the branches and the rocks and undercoated the foliage in green just in case I missed any spots while flocking.  


Tipping the very last of my PVA glue out onto my palette I managed to coat all the foliage and tip my Javis No17 all over the place.


After I had blown all the excess flock off my desk, bed, fingers etc (and onto the carpet… shhhh) I dabbed a load more glue on and did the Javis No.19 highlights.


And yeah, I know what you’re thinking, those are some square bushes… I was afraid that might happen. I had hoped the flock might clump up a bit more and take some the squareness away. It didn’t… Reindeer Moss to the rescue.


Not to be deterred I attacked the bushes with superglue and stuck reindeer moss into all the crevasses making the bushes appear fuller and rounder. This really paid off and in my opinion rescued this piece. Scraping together a final layer of PVA I managed to coat the base with GF9 earth scatter.


Pretty damn nice if I do say so myself. When I finally get round to buying some glue I’ll add some flock and static grass. I’ll probably stay clear of reindeer moss so as not to distract from the bushes themselves. I’ll also paint the snail too!

Until next time…