Belak and Kulket

So, here he is, the biggest bad of them all (in this adventure at any rate…) Belak the Druid and Kulket his pet Tree Frog *ahem* … toad… Games Workshop SharkyGames Workshop SharkySharky and Ral Partha Giant Toad

Ok, so the miniatures are Sharky from Games Workshops Scouring of the Shire set and the Giant Toad miniature from Ral Partha, again this a late 80’s sculpt. Both models were painted some time ago. Sharky is maybe two years old, while the Toad was painted 8 months ago and makes regular appearances in our family games of Talisman. I did consider buying these from Otherworld Miniatures to represent Kulket the Tree Frog at least a little more accurately, but as I still have a dragon, tree blights and many other models to buy I decided to save my budget.

Next week I will premiere my conversion of Yusdrayl the Kobold Queen.